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The Diploma in Hotel Management is an academic program designed to prepare students for a management career within the hospitality industry.


Its specifically tailored education structure emphasizes very much on competency-based training as well as strong theoretical knowledge.


Upon completion of this program, students will be ready to become an immediate functional employee capable of taking up either a front line position or a lower managerial position within the hotels, resorts, or other commercial/non-commercial lodging units.

Career Prospect

  • Hotel Executive

  • Restaurant Manager / Executive

  • Front Office Manager

  • Housekeeping Manager

  • Mobile Caterer / Food Truck Owner

  • Human Resource Executive

  • Cruise Staff

Job Market

  • Hotels

  • Restaurant

  • Catering Business

  • Homestay Business

  • Lodging and Accommodations

  • Cruise Ship

Programme Structure

Programme can be completed in 2 years and 6 months of internship.

Hotel Subjects

Beverage Operation Management

Customer Service

Diving Room Service

Event Management

Food and Beverage Cost Control

Food and Beverage Management

Food Safety and Sanitation

Front Office Procedures

Housekeeping Operations

Hospitality and Tourism Law

Human Resource Management

Introduction to Hospitality Accounting

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Kitchen Preparatory

Purchasing and Inventory

Room Division Management

Business Subjects

Communication and Presentation Skills

Employment Preparatory Skills

Entrepreneurship Studies

Introduction to Information Communication and Technology

Principles of Marketing

Principles and Practices of Management

Tertiary Preparatory Study Skills

Compulsory Subjects

Bahasa Malaysia Komunikasi 1

Pengajian Malaysia 2

Bahasa Kebangsaan A

Creative Problem Solving

Co-Curriculum Activities

Social Services Activities

Hubungan Insan

Entry Requirement

Requirements depend on your entry level.

Other Facilities Available

Subject to availability for the facilities below. 





Hostel * (Basic Amenities)


Public transportation / Shuttle services *

Not Applicable

* Terms and Conditions apply.


Fees are different for Malaysian and Non-Malaysian students. Please contact us for more details.

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