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Tourists in Youth Hostel


ATI College is complete with accommodation facilities ranging for both local and international students.

  • Who are we?
    ATI College had a humble beginning in the year 1996. Back then it is the only college specializing in Hospitality and Tourism studies in Sabah. The management and team saw that there is a need to provide education and qualification for the young generations in the hospitality and tourism industries. The college has welcomed many students from various nationalities and all walks of life who seek to enter college. ​ Our new campus is the home for both local and international students who aspire to further their higher education in the hospitality and tourism industry. The new premises has an extension of facilities in all aspects, from practical training facilities, computer laboratories, a well stocked library, lecture halls and rooms among others. ATI respond to change and work hard in providing new and better facilities. ​ Ever-increasing national and international contacts with businesses and industries ensure that our programmes stay parallel with the real world. Our newly designed programmes open its doors to all those with the ability, the experiences, and the desire to take advantage of the many benefits that a college education can offer. ​ All these development are focused on a single objective to create a higher education institution with a standard of excellence that meets every challenge for the educational needs in the 21st century.
  • Vision and Mission?
    Vision To become a premier college recognized nationally and globally for its excellence in the creation of highly creative and innovative graduates. Mission To provide the skills and education possible to all students, irrespective of race, religion, nationality, creed, gender or age in order to enable them to maximize their individual potential in their chosen career.
  • What are the quality policy in ATI College?
    ATI College is committed to be a premier centre for educational excellence through:- Always complying with the customer as well as regulatory requirements. Taking opportunities for continual improvement to ensure the effectiveness of the QMS. Involving all employees to consistently procide quality services. Continually enhancing customer's satisfaction and needs and exceeding their expectation


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