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  1. Students must check the examination schedule and take note of their examination dates well in advance.

  2. Students must bring their Student ID Card to the examination room. Failing to do so, they are not allowed to enter the examination hall.

  3. Students must be in proper attire (Smart Casual). Please refer to the ATIC dress code policy.

  4. Students must be present outside the examination room at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.

  5. Students can enter the examination room only upon the announcement made by the Head Invigilator ten (10) minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.

  6. Students who arrive within the first fifteen (15) minutes after the examination has commenced will be allowed to take the examination. However, no additional time will be given to the student.

  7. It is the students' responsibility to inform their lecturers before the exam if they have any problems with arriving on time and only fifteen (15) minutes extended time are allowed.

  8. All bag must be surrendered to the invigilator in charge and place in front of the examination room.

  9. Students are only allowed to take pens, pencils, ruler, eraser and liquid paper with them into the examination room. Pencil case and other valuable items (wallets, purses and handphones) are not allowed.

  10. The uses of dictionaries are not allowed for any English / Communication subjects and calculator if the lecturer of that subject permits it. Head invigilators and invigilators will be informed prior to the commencement of the exam if the use of dictionaries and calculators are allowed. Electronic dictionaries are strictly forbidden.

  11. Students are NOT allowed to borrow any of the following items from each other during the examination : stationery, dictionary, calculator, etc. Any form of communication amongst students is strictly prohibited.

  12. Students are NOT allowed to bring food into the examination room except drinking water.

  13. Blank, used abd spoilt answer sheets are NOT allowed to be taken out of the examination room.

  14. Students are only allowed to used the washroom / toilet ONCE while the exam is in progress. Therefore students are reminded to use the washroom / toilet BEFORE entering the examination room.

  15. Students are not permitted to leave the examination room within the first thirty (30) minutes after the commencement of the examination and fifteen (15) minutes before the completion of the examination.

  16. Students are NOT allowed to linger around the hallway and / or reception area after they have completed the exam. They must leave the examination room, as well as the hallway and reception area as soon as they are done with the exam.

  17. Students are strictly forbidden from possessing any information which is related to the examination questions during the conduct of the examination. 

  • It is the students' responsibility to take note of the above examination rules and regulations. Therefore, giving an excuse of "not knowing" is unacceptable.

  • Whoever is caught in violation of the rules and regulations stated above will be asked to leave the examination room immediately and referred to the college disciplinary board. If found guilty, the student can be subject to the imposition of any of the following penalties depending on the seriousness of the offense:

       * Warning (verbal and / or written)

       * Given an "F" grade for that particular subject

       * Suspension from the college for a specified period of time

       * Expulsion from the college

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