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Find out all the important information necessary in pursuing an education at either campuses.

General Information

Important things to know before arrival

1)  Document Passport

Passport must be kept valid for the duration of your stay and for travel purposes. Your respective home country consulate or embassy in Malaysia can assist with your passport renewals. The International Students’ Affair (ISA) Officer can provide you the letter certifying your enrolment should you need it to assist in revalidating your passport. It is advisable to keep your passport valid in order to be eligible for certain insurance benefits.

2)  Student Passport & Visa Approval Letter

The Student Passport and Visa are endorsed onto your passport by the Malaysia Immigration Department. The endorsement indicates your visa type, the length of stay in Malaysia, the number of entries permitted into Malaysia and the validity of the Student Pass (which is for one year). The Malaysia Immigration regulations require all International Students to enroll as full- time student throughout their stay in Malaysia.

3)  Original copy if school certificates

You will have to bring your original school certificates for confirmation of authority of the documents submitted during your application.

4) Policy for International Students

You must read, acknowledge and return the copy of the policy for International Students to us upon reporting to ATI College. The policy lists all terms and conditions for all International Students while studying at ATI College.

Important things to know when arrival

1)  Upon confirming your flight details, you are required to fax the arrival detail to ATI College.


2)  It is mandatory that you inform the International Students’ Affair Officer of your arrival at least Seven (7) working days prior your arrival. Please inform the International Students’ Affair Officer of any changes to your flight arrival information.

3)  ATI College personnel is responsible to pick-up the students and not the accompanying family members, relatives or friends. However, ATI College will assist the accompanying members to travel by the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) Limo.

4)  Students are advised to arrive at the airport terminal during ATI College office hours (8.30am to 5.30pm), Monday to Friday. This is to facilitate airport pick-up by ATI personnel and ease hostel check-in. Try to avoid arriving on Malaysia Public Holidays.

5)  For other points of entry, there will be no pick-up service, and you must immediately report to ATI College upon your arrival.

Important things to know arrival at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA)

1)  In order to facilitate the airport pick-up, International Student Officer will inform you on the specific meeting point before the Immigration Checkpoint to wait for an ATI College staff. The Immigration Checkpoint is before the Luggage Collection hall. Please wait at the designed area within twenty (20) minutes of exiting the aircraft. Do look out for a placard (signage) bearing the ATI College’s logo. Please do not cross the immigration Counter without an ATI College’s personnel. Kindly wait for our assistance.

2)  ATI College’s personnel will be waiting for you just before the Immigration Counter. You will not be able to exit Immigration without ATI College staff present. The ATI College’s personnel will assist you with Immigration clearance.

3)  The College’s personnel will lead you to the luggage collection hall. Please make sure you check your luggage before you leave the airport. Should there be any missing luggage, kindly report immediately to the Airport’s Missing Luggage Centre.

4)  There will be a money changer located at the Arrival hall should you wish to change some of your currency into Ringgit Malaysia (RM). All financial transaction in Malaysia is conducted in Ringgit Malaysia.

Checklist before Departure

Things to Pack

1)  A credit card will be a handy. It is advisable that money should be brought into Malaysia in travelers cheque. Make sure your money can cover at least the first 3 months’ expenses such as food, accommodation costs and books.

2)  Important personal items to pack:-

  • Clothes and footwear (casual, formal);

  • Personal items;

  • Bed sheet and Towel;

  • Mobile phone;

  • Basic stationeries

3)  Important document to bring along:-

  • Passport and Flight Ticket;

  • Driver’s License;

  • Acceptance Letter and Immigration Approval letter;

  • Original Academic Qualification Transcript - In English;

  • Receipts/proofs of payment for all fees

4. Student is advisable to make a copy of all the documents.

Custom and Immigration Information

Custom Regulation

Please take note of the following prohibition of the Malaysian Customs Department.

1)  Trafficking of Illegal Drugs Carries the Mandatory Death Penalty in Malaysia.

2)  A special permit is required for carriage of firearms and ammunition.

3)  Other prohibited items include flick knives, daggers and pornographic material.

4)  Taped video cassette should be submitted for custom clearance.

5)  Export of antiques and historical objects is not permitted unless with an export license obtained from the Director General of Museums Malaysia or unless these items were originally imported and declared to customs at that point.

6)  You are required to declare to custom or the plant quarantine inspector any plants or parts of plants such as seeds, flowers, fruits, soil samples, cultures of fungi, bacteria and viruses, insects or any other vertebrate or invertebrate animal, that is in your possession.

Immigration Information

1)  Immigration Advice for International Student

With Malaysia focused on becoming a Regional Centre of Educational Excellence, we expect to see more International Students enrolling in ATI College. We provide assistance with student visa application, airport pick-up, accommodation arrangement, edu-medicare insurance and personal counseling. The orientation of our foreign students takes into consideration educational cultural and social adjustments.

2)  Immigration Policies for International Student

International Students are required to comply with Immigration Malaysia. Please adhere strictly to the requirement to minimize delay or other problems that may arise.

A passport or travel document with minimum six months validity is required to enter the country. Students need to obtain an approval letter from the Malaysia Immigration Department prior enter the country (this will be applying by the institution on the student behalf). The college representatives will receive you at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) and assist you process the stamping of the student pass on your passport after arrival.


3) Necessary documents:-

  • Three (3) copies of student’s passport;

  • Four (4) passport size photos;

  • Personal bond (signed by college) for every student (rate of bond varies from country to country)

Students who wish to change to other college after they have obtained visa will need to obtain approval from the Immigration Authorities. Please bear in mind that International Student is not allow to work in Malaysia during their course of study.

The country also imposes exchange controls. You are advised to bring in your country currency and exchange in Malaysia or use traveler cheque. You will be required at Malaysia airports to declare the amount of currency you are bringing to the country.

Immigration Requirement while in Malaysia

1)  You must satisfy programme requirements by attending 80% of all your scheduled classes and achieve satisfactory academic results. Failing to do so can result in your Student pass being revoked.

2)  Attendance in class is COMPULSORY at all times unless you are able to provide a Medical Certificate (MC) from a certified doctor. Consistent failure to do so will result in your Student Pass being revoked.

3)  You are required to take responsibility of monitoring the EXPIRY DATE of your passport and Student pass.

4)  Where an extension of the pass is required, student must submit their passport to the International Students’ Affair Office at least two (2) months before the expiry of the pass in order to facilitate the extension. Failing to do so would result in paying an extra Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100) to obtain a special pass.

5)  All penalties imposed by the Malaysian Immigration Department in the event of late extension or expiry of Student Pass are to be borne by the student.

6)  Two Weeks before completion of your education in ATI College, you are required to inform the International Students’ Affair officer to cancel your student pass or it might lead to forfeiture of the Bond Deposit.

Step 1 - Select your desired program

You can select your desired from the list of ATI College programs and register via the Student Application Form. First, click on the academic programmes to find out more.

Do check with the respective academic departments or with the Program Counsellors for more information on the program requirements.

Step 2 - Read and understand the application procedures

1)  International student’s application can be made directly to the International Students’ Affair Office or through college’s appointed agent. Applicant or through agent to fax or e-mail applicant related academic qualification to Asian Tourism International College for initial approval.

(Note: If the documents are written in language other than English, please send an official English translated version accompany with the copy of original documents.)

2)  Once the college received the faxes, the documents will send to Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) for verification on the equivalency of the respective student’s certificate. Once the verification is confirmed, the officer will send an email to inform an offer of study at the college.

3)  Applicant or through agent will need to submit:-

  • A copy of Application Form MUST signed and dated;

  • Eight (8) passport-size colour photographs;

  • Photocopied passport (Identified page), with passport has at least one year validity;

  • Hostel reservation form (if needed);

  • Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand (RM1,000.00) of deposit payable to Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd.

4)  Applicant to proceed to courier all of the required documents to the following address:-


     International Students’ Affair Unit

     Block C, Level 6, UCSF Building,

     Off Jalan Mat Salleh, Jalan Sanzac,

     88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,


5)  Upon the receipt of these documents, ATI College will immediately release an Acceptance Letter and to be courier and fax to the applicant.


     a)  Unconditional Acceptance: details state the date of commencement, course fee;

     b)  Conditional Acceptance: details state the condition to confirm the acceptance due to insufficiency in academic

           qualifications, course fee.

6)  Once a letter of unconditional acceptance is received, applicant proceeds to make first year full course fee payment as advised in the letter. Fees to make in bank draft or international money order is payable to Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd.

(Note: The College will only proceed with Student Visa and Pass after the receipt of the first year full payment, International student must wait for Student Pass Approval after payment is made which usually take Four to Six (4 to 6) weeks for approval. Once the Student Pass is approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department, Asian Tourism International College shall fax and courier the student Pass Approval Letter to the applicant.)

7)  Applicant is to obtain a Single Entry Visa from the nearest Malaysia Embassy which is only applicable to country that requires visa in advance prior entry to Malaysia.

8)  Applicant to proceed with air ticket arrangement and furnish arrival details to the college via email or fax. Airport pick up can be arranged upon request with charges and notification with minimum of Seven (7) days working days prior to the date of arrival is required.

9)  Accommodation arrangements can only be made upon the receipt of the accommodation reservation form together with the requested deposit as stated in the reservation form, which varies according to the type of accommodation chosen.

10)  Applicant is to submit their passport to the International Students’ Affair Unit once start attending class. The college will proceed with further endorsement of student visa and pass in the passport to the Immigration Department of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Step 3 - Fill in the application form

You may request to download the Application Form HERE in PDF format.

The following documents are need to submit:- 

  • A copy of Application Form MUST signed and dated;

  • Certified true-copy of secondary/high school transcript or results (English translation is needed is the result/results is in other language);

  • Eight (8) passport- size colour photographs, with blue background, no borders and image position is front facing;

  • A set of photocopy (front pages and the stamp pages). Passport should have a minimum of one-year validity.

  • Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand (RM1,000.00) of deposit payable to Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd.

Step 4 - Submit the application form and document related

Send your application form together with your supporting documents and payment for the Application and Registration fee to the addresses below:-



International Students’ Affair Unit

Block C, Level 6, UCSF Building, 

Off Jalan Mat Salleh, Jalan Sanzac,
88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,


Withdrawal and Quit from Study
Temporary Withdrawal from Study

If student is interrupted by personal reasons which may cause them to return to their home country for a period of time, he/she need to inform to ISA to terminate the Student Passport. Upon return to the college, he/she is required to reapply Student Pass and Visa.

Quit from Study

International Student must be a full-time student. If student intend to quit from their study, he/she must surrender Student Pass to the Malaysian Immigration Department for cancellation.

General Guidelines

1)  All International Students (except Diplomatic pass holders, Malaysian Permanent Resident (RP) and Malaysia My Second Home (MMSH) applicants are required to have a Student Pass while studying at ATI College.

2)  A Malaysian Student Pass will be applied for you on your behalf. You must hold a valid Student Pass for the entire duration of you stay at ATI College.

3)  Once ATI College has submitted an application for a Student Pass, you are not allowed to submit a similar application through another college or institution. This will create confusion with the Malaysian Immigration Department and may result in delay in your Student Pass application process.

4)  Student Pass Approvals usually take between 6 to 8 weeks. ATI College may not be able to obtain a student Pass for you on time if your application to the college is received less than Six (6) weeks from the programme intake dates.

5)  Once the Student Pass is approved, a Visa Approval Letter will be courier to you.


6)  Kindly check with the Malaysia High Commission in your home country whether you need a visa to enter Malaysia when you receive the Approval letter, before you purchase the air-ticket.

7)  If you do, proceed to the nearest local Malaysian diplomatic mission, show them the approval Letter to obtain your single-entry visa. Students are not allowed to enter Malaysia prior to receipt of Approval Letter from The Malaysian Immigration Department.

8)  All levies charged by the Malaysian Immigration Department are to be borne by the student. All payments to the said department are to be made in cash at the account department upon reporting to ATI College, to facilitate the endorsement of the student pas onto the passport. A receipt will be issue for this payment.

9)  It is mandatory that Student Pass be applied and renewed through ATI College. Not doing so will be a violation of the Malaysian Immigration Department’s Regulation. While we will assist in your Student Pass application, ATI cannot be held liable for any change in policies by the Malaysian Immigration Department in regards to issuance of Student pass.

Employment Policies

International Student is not allowed to engage in any form of employment, profession or occupation while studying at the academy. Those caught working in Malaysia are liable to be fined Ringgit Malaysia Ten Thousand Only (RM10, 000) or jailed for a minimum of Six (6) months.

Health Matters

Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance

Health care costs in Malaysia are relatively high compare to other South East Asia countries. A sudden illness or accident requiring hospitalization can quickly result in medical bills totaling thousands of Ringgit. Therefore, it is essential that you have adequate medical insurance.

For new student, the first year premium is pay upon application, together with the tuition fees. This gives the student medical coverage from the time he or she arrives in Malaysia and begins classes at ATI College. International Students must maintain the plan throughout their study. Student will be billed for insurance annually, thereby guaranteeing continuous coverage.

  • It is compulsory for all International Students to be covered by the Medical Insurance throughout the duration of their study at ATI College (not required if you can show proof that you are covered for H&S while you are in Malaysia). This is required by Ministry of Higher Education as of 1st December 2008.

  • The Insurance is to cover any mishap or illness that may require hospitalization and/or surgery.

  • The minimum premium is Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred (RM300) per year (or part thereof). The total premium deepens on the duration of the programme the student is enrolled.

  • A Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance Card that can be used at selected hospitals and medical centres will be issued to you via your programme office once it is available. A copy of the coverage scheme will be made available for you when you collect your card.

  • It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that coverage is renewed before it expires annually.

  • Should you be faced with a medical emergency (i.e. accident), it may be difficult to contact your parents or guardian immediately when urgent medical attention is required and authorization is required before a doctor can proceed with particular procedures. As such, the college needs to be authorized by your parent or guardian to sign on their behalf should such situation occur Refer to the Personal Medical Health Report and kindly complete the form and return to the international office upon arrival.

Hospital Admissions

Know the locations of emergency centres closest to you. Also ensure that you are aware of which hospital is your insurance policy’s preferred provider and where it is located. Carry your medical insurance card with you at all times. Should you need to be admitted to the hospital, the medical card will ensure you can be admitted without unnecessary delay. Please contact the International Student Affair officer and inform him/her of your admission into the hospital.


Students are required to take up edu-medical insurance to protect and insure their stay in Malaysia.

International Student Safety and Security Manual

Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance

1)  It is compulsory for International students to fill in an International Student Information record form during the 1st day of orientation and to be submitted to ISA officer for record purposes.

2)  Students will be given emergency contact numbers as listed below:-

  • International Students’ Affair Unit (+60 16-833 9167);

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital (+60 88-218 166);

  • Luyang Health Clinic (+60 88-715 000);

  • Sabah Medical Centre (+60 88-211 333);

  • Immigration Department Kota Kinabalu (+60 88-488 700);

  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) Terminal 1 (+60 88-238 555);

  • Fire Station (994);

  • Ambulance / Police (999);

  • Police Hotline (+60 88-221 191);

3) All international students are required to undergo full body medical examination yearly and to purchase an Edu-Medicare Insurance which covers the following:-

  • Healthcare

  • Personal Accident

  • Personal Liability

  • Study Interruption

4) It is compulsory for all active international students to meet up with International Students’ Affair Officer at least twice in a semester. Student is to report their current conditions in terms of their study performance involvement in college activities and current status.



Living Expenses

Apart from the tuition fees which need to be pay upon arrival, you should set aside some money to cover your living expenses. The cost of living in Malaysia is comparatively cheaper than in western countries. On average, student’s monthly expenditure would consist of:-

Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred and Fifty (RM250) to Ringgit Malaysia Eight Hundred (RM800)* per month.

(*Depends on the location, type and facilities)

Ringgit Malaysia Four Hundred (RM400) to Ringgit Malaysia Six Hundred (RM600)* per month.

(*Depends on lifestyle)

Other living expenses (transportation, entertainment etc.)
Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100) to Ringgit Malaysia (RM400)* per month.

(*Depends on lifestyle)

Lost Passport

Once student realized that he/she has lost his/her passport, he/she immediately:-

1)  Lodge a police report at nearest police station.

2)  Come to ISA Office with a copy of police report and 2 photos. The ISA Officer will accompany student to the Immigration Department Enforcement Unit for investigation and issue of Special Pass.

3)  Student must apply a replace passport at embassy or with agent.

4)  Once he/she receive replace passport, ISA officer will help to apply a new Student Pass sticker.

Fee Payment Information
Payment Method / Payment Advice

Fees can also be paid via telegraphic transfer or direct banking to the following accounts. Fees may be paid in cash, by cards (ATM, Debit & Credit – Visa/Master), crossed cheque and bank draft and cash deposit machine (CDM).

Payment made to:-
Name of Bank : CIMB Bank Berhad
Branch of Bank : CIMB Bank Jalan Sagunting Kota Kinabalu
Account Number : 80 0564526 0
Bank Switch Code :CIBBHKHHXXXX

Please fax copy of payment advice together with Student Name, Intake and Contact Number to Marketing Department at:

Bursary Policy

1) All fees are due before the first day of the academic week;

2) If payment is not received by due date, students will automatically be barred/suspended from entering class.

3) The College will impose an Unbarred Fee of RM300.00 to lift the suspension on students who failed to pay their tuition fee by due date.

4) An administrative fee of RM100.00 will be imposed for inter-programme transfer except when the transfer is carried out before the semester commences. The amount of fees transferable to the new programme is subject to the following:-


  • If the transfer is carried out within one month after the commencement of the semester, all fees paid are transferable to the new programme;

  • If the transfer is carried out after the first month of the semester, only 50% of all fees paid are transferable

5) The College has the right to amend any of the conditions or enrolment, academic, administrative and examination rules, regulations and policies without giving prior notice.

Refundable Policy

1) All form of fees is neither refundable nor transferable, EXCEPT where written notice is received by the Chief Executive Officer. Under these following circumstances, the amount of fees refundable is subject to the following:-

  • The students withdrawal before the issuance of Letter of Placement, the Registration Fee will not be refunded;

  • Please refer to the refundable schedule as below:-

2) In the event a student is expelled from the College due to disciplinary problems, academic misconduct and other forms of misconduct that are deemed inappropriate by the College, there shall be no refund of fees paid EXCEPT for Refundable Deposit Fee* (*applicable to international students only and subject to the condition of expulsion).

3) Refund will be made in the name of the parent / guardian / sponsor as declared in Section 9 of Application Form.

4) Refund will be processed and issued within sixty (60) days from the date the refund claim application is received.

5) Refund that has been submitted and processed but not collected within three (3) months will be transferred to a separate account and be applied for whatsoever purposes deemed fit by the College and further thenceforth the parent/guardian/sponsor/student shall have no claim in respect of such money whatsoever.

6) Students must abide by all academic, administrative and examination rules, regulations and policies of the College.

7) The College has the right to amend any of the conditions or enrolment, academic, administrative and examination rules, regulations and policies without giving prior notice.

Within first (1) week after commencement of the semester




All fees is refundable except Registration Fee, Student Insurance Fee, Kitchen Uniform Fee (if applicable), Administration & Industrial Placement Handling Fee (if applicable), Student Service Fee (if applicable), and International Student Processing Fee (if applicable) will NOT be refunded

Important Note

Within second (2) weeks after commencement of the semester


All fees is refundable except Registration Fee, Student Insurance Fee, Kitchen Uniform Fee (if applicable), Administration & Industrial Placement Handling Fee (if applicable), Student Service Fee (if applicable), and International Student Processing Fee (if applicable) will NOT be refunded

After second (2) weeks of the commencement of the semester

No refund

All fees paid EXCEPT for Deposit Fee*
(*applicable to international students only)

Due to non-fulfillment of entry requirement upon official announcement of examinations result


All fees due and paid except for Registration Fee, Student Insurance Fee and Kitchen Uniform Fee (if applicable)

Refund Procedure

Please contact with our sales personnel.

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