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Tertiary Education in Malaysia is undergoing a rapid transformation and liberalization process in order to realign itself to face the challenges of an impending high income economy envisaged by the year 2020.

In ATI College, it is always our guiding principle to be innovative, creative and proactive and to be ahead of others. ATI College is in fact one of the very few original Sabah based colleges that provides government recognized tertiary education since its inception 20 years ago. We are proud to be a Sabahan college that earned a 5-Star rating from the Ministry of Higher Education. This goes to show that we can provide equally good or even better higher education to all our children compared to those available in West Malaysia. Our children need not have to leave their parents and families to travel across the South China Sea in pursuit of higher education. Affordable quality higher education is available at home.

In line with its motto STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE, ATI College strives to provide the best. We strive for excellence not just in education or academic qualification. We strive for excellence in sportsmanship, leadership, human relations and citizenship. We wish to produce global outlook graduates who can work in anywhere in the world. Being an international college, we are continuing to attract students from overseas. Our academic team comprised of both local and international experts in their chosen field. Their dedication is to ensure that all of ATI College graduates are readily accepted by the industry. We will continue to expand and upgrade our facilities as well as our courses to meet the demand and criteria towards elevating the College to the level of University College in the very near future.


ATI College continues to forge links both at home and abroad with other leading educational establishments with the objective of making our state a prime centre for higher education. Currently, we have links with the United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland. It is our intention that one day in the future ATI College could provide an international qualification within the concept of an international campus.


Remember, today, the politics in terms of socio-economic dimension requires a new approach in our lives. We need to be transparent, to be accountable, to be responsible, to be commendable and to be approachable and more over to be respectable. All of these are leadership qualities. Today, the powerful tools of modernization are in the hands of the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, etc.


It is with this digital and conscious concern that prevails in the management of ATI College that makes it the college of choice for everyone who yearns for a career with a difference.

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