Adult Students


ATI College is complete with accommodation facilities ranging for both local and international students.

ATIC Male Hostel Location

ATIC Male Hostel is located at the centre of city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where there are plenty of eateries and hawker food. ATI College premise just next to it.

ATIC Male Hostel Facilities

  • Study hall
  • Lounge seat
  • Personal locker
  • The kitchen is complete with fridge, gas stove, kettle and dining table.
  • In-door games

Things to bring

Students are advised to bring their own:-

  • Toiletries
  • Washing detergents
  • Bedding materials
  • Cutleries eg. fork, spoon, plate, cup, etc.
  • Dried food like instant noodles, biscuits, snacks and pre-packed beverages
NOTE: Students can purchase the above items from nearby shops. Students can also share cooking utensils / cutleries (if any) at own discretion. It is paramount that students residing in the hostel to ensure cleanliness all the time.

Application Process

New Application: 1) Check hostel room availability with Sales personnel, fill in the Hostel Application Form and submit it to the Sales personnel; 2) Upon confirmation of availability, a deposit fee of RM 50 for key and RM 20 nominal fee are to be paid. NOTE:

  • Certain type of room is subject to availability at the time of application. Application will be processed on a First-Come-First-Served basis.
  • Priority will be allocated to international and out-of town students.
Deposit & Refund: 1) The key deposit fee* of RM 50 will only be refunded upon check-out of the hostel. 2) Refund process will take approximately 14-28 working days.

ATIC Female Hostel Location

ATIC Female Hostel is located at the centre of city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where there are plenty of eateries and hawker food. ATI College premise just next to it.

ATIC Female Hostel Facilities

  • TV
  • Study Hall
  • Lounge seat
  • Personal locker
  • The kitchen is complete with fridge, gas stove, kettle and dining table
  • In-door games


The hostel is fully furnished, well maintained and comfortable equipped with basic amenities. Occupants are responsible for daily cleanliness of the premise. Professional cleaners will be engaged for thorough cleaning from time to time.

Hostel Rules & Regulations

1.0 - BEHAVIOUR & DISCIPLINE 1.1 - All students must take good care of public properties; economize on electricity and water; and keep the hostel quiet, clean and orderly at all times.

1.2 - Students are prohibited from possessing any form of pornographic materials or engaged in any form of immoral or sexual acts.

1.3 - Students are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs.

1.4 - Students are prohibited from gambling in the hostel.

1.5 - Students are prohibited from engaging in any fight or cause harm or hurling foul language to another fellow student.

1.6 - Students must not disturb others by talking, shouting or laughing very loudly or leaving hi-fi on a high volume, slamming of doors etc at any hour of the day.

1.7 - Students are prohibited from smoking in any area inside the hostel.

1.8 - Students are prohibited from throwing object from the windows or the roof top of the hostel.

1.9 - Students are prohibited from making disturbing noise between 10:00pm to 7:30am.

1.10 - Vandalism is a serious offense. Students shall pay the cost of repairing any vandalized items accordingly. Students can or will be evicted from hostel if found to vandalize the hostel facilities deliberately.

1.11 - Student must fill in Leave Card at least three (3) days before date of leave before planning to stay overnight outside hostel during weekdays or going home during weekends. The Leave Card must be signed and approved by Warden. Student must also inform parents/guardian of their whereabouts. Penalty of RM 2.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two) will be charge for the loss of Leave Card.

1.12 - Students are not allowed to use other student’s utensils or belongings without their permission.

1.13 - ‘Gotong-royong’ will be conducted every Saturday to clean the hostel. It is compulsory for all students to take part in this activity and they are not allowed to go out during the activity (except for emergency). Cleaning schedule will be arranged and students are strictly responsible to follow the schedule given.

1.14 - Students are not allowed to go out after 9:00pm and strictly must be in the hostel by 10:00pm. Warning letter will be issued to the respective student if he/she is not found to be at the hostel by that time without informing Warden. Student who wishes to take up a part time job, must present offer letter and parent’s consent to Warden.

1.15 - It is compulsory for students to be involved in college co-curriculum or activity except during exam period or have health problem.

1.16 - Students must abide strictly all rules governed by Colonnade Management such as usage of swimming pool and any other facilities provided. (*For female hostel occupants).

1.17 - Students must fill in log book whenever they are going out (including going to Colonnade’s swimming pool or gym*). (*For female hostel occupants).

1.18 - Male/female students are prohibited from bringing outsiders into their hostel. Students may have their parents or immediate family only to visit them, subject to Warden’s approval.

1.19 - No pets are allowed at the hostel.

1.20 - Students must be properly dressed in all public areas of the hostel. Eg: low cuts attire, tights or revealing blouse / t-shirt or too high cut shorts are not allowed for ladies. Tight shorts are not allowed for guys.

1.21 - Students are responsible to keep the hostel and their room tidy and clean at all times. Checking on cleanliness will be conducted from time to time and a warning letter will be issued if room is found to be dirty and untidy.

1.22 - Sexual harassment is against the Hostel Rules & Regulations and will not be tolerated. Student who has been the target of sexual harassment (verbally or physically) should inform the offending student/person that the action is unwelcomed, offensive and must stop. Targeted student must report to the Warden as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted situation. Offensive student will be terminated from hostel depending on the seriousness of the harassment.


2.0 - RENTAL

2.1 - Hostel rental payment is on monthly basis and can be paid in advance.

2.2 - Rental fee is due on day 7th (seventh) of each month. Payment can be paid either by cash, cheque or online payment to ASIAN TOURISM INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE SDN BHD at CIMB Bank. To make an online payment, student/parents/guardian shall contact or approach the Bursary Office to obtain bank account number. A copy of the payment transaction receipt shall be faxed to the Bursary Office (+60 88-216 916) and follow up with a call for confirmation. Late payment will be subjected to RM 25.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Twenty Five) fine fee.

2.3 - Charges applicable during check in:-

  • One (1) month security deposit

  • One (1) month room rental fee

  • RM 50.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty) for key deposit

  • RM 20.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Twenty) for nominal fee (electrical appliances used other than provided by the hostel)

2.4 - Monthly fee:-

  • Room rental fee

  • Nominal fee (RM 20.00)

2.5 - A letter of reminder will be issued if rental payment is one (1) month delayed. Failure to pay within two (2) weeks after the reminder letter, will result in eviction from hostel.



3.1 - Tenancy at the hostel will be automatically terminated after:-

  • two (2) semesters of staying at the hostel (effective from August 2016 intake – duration is subject to changes) or;

  • Students who quit or defer from ATI College

However, tenancy is renewable after 2nd semester, subject to availability of room. Priority are given to international students and students from out of town based on the following criterias:-

  • Active in co-curriculum;

  • Consistency in hostel rental payment;

  • No disciplinary or cleanliness issue

3.2 - The Hostel Management can terminate the tenancy agreement at any time if student:-

  • Fail to pay rental (please refer to clause 2.5)

  • Does not obey hostel rules and regulations (please refer to clause 6.7)

3.3 - The Management reserves the right to deduct from student's security deposit if student is found to cause any damage(s) to the room or furniture at the hostel or any unsettled payment (monthly/nominal fee).



4.1 - Check-in:-

4.1.1 - Student shall fill in Hostel Application Form complete with passport photo and proceed to Bursary Office to pay for the rental fee (please refer clause 2.3). Warden will assign bed and keys to student accordingly.

4.1.2 - Student shall inform Warden at least 2 days prior to arrival for necessary arrangements before check-in. Student may not be entertained if checks-in is done during weekend without prior arrangement with the warden.

4.1.3 - Bed and room assigned is at the discretion of hostel Warden and student may request to change room or bed subject to Warden’s approval and bed availability.

4.1.4 - Check-in time is 10:00am (Weekday - Monday, Wednesday and Friday only). Check-in time can be extended earlier or later by 1 or 2 hours maximum, prior request approval from warden.

4.2 Check-out:-

4.2.1 - Student shall inform Bursary Department and Warden at least one (1) week before check-out for the security deposit reimbursement (please refer clause 3.3) and room checking. Student shall surrender his/her keys upon check-out to get the refund of key deposit. Student must make sure that the room is clean and no belongings are left behind.

4.2.2 - Student shall pack their belongings in a box and label them with their name and ID number and is solely responsible in transferring his/her belongings. Hostel Management is not liable for any damages or loss of items during check-out.

4.2.3 - Student shall return his/her hostel keys to Warden before leaving the hostel upon the termination of his/her tenancy or being evicted from the hostel. Key deposit fee will not be refunded if student failed to return his/her keys upon checking out.

4.2.4 - Check-out time is 12:00 noon. Check out time can be extended later or earlier by 1 or 2 hours upon request approval from warden. Student may leave the hostel once the checking is done. Any broken bed/locker/fan etc. might affect the amount of reimbursed security deposit.

4.3 - Hostel Keys

4.3.1 - Keys included are entrance key, room key and locker key. Student is advised to keep their valuables inside their locker. Loss of keys will result in penalizing charges to process new keys. Student should inform the warden immediately on any damages of locks.

4.3.2 - Student shall acknowledge receipt upon receiving the keys during check-in as well as check-out. The key deposit fee shall be refunded once the warden informed the Bursary Department that the keys are return in good condition.

4.3.3 - Students are strictly not allowed to lend, borrow or leave his/her keys to anyone under any circumstances.



5.1 - Visitation is allowed at the lobby area between 8:00am to 9:00pm. All visitors shall register at the Guard House. Visitor(s) is/are required to produce proof of their identity and is not allowed to stay overnight at the hostel.

5.2 - Students are responsible to remind their visitor(s) about the visitation hours and advise them to leave no later than 9:00pm. Any visitation beyond the hour given or if students are found to be in company with their visitor’s including family members, relatives or friends beyond the visitation hour, without prior consent from the Warden, the students shall be evicted.

5.3 - Visitor(s) of OPPOSITE SEX is/are strictly not allowed to go inside the hostel including parents, family members, relatives or friends at any time within or outside the visiting hours without prior consent from the Warden. Student found to be at with a member of opposite sex inside the room at any time for whatever reason without prior consent from the warden, shall be evicted.


6.0 - SAFETY

6.1 - No students are allowed to leave the hostel after 9:00pm and all students shall be present in their hostel before/by 10:00pm. Students who are found to return later than 10:00pm without informing warden shall be given a warning letter.

6.2 - It shall be the students’ responsibility to lock the door at all the times for the protection of their property. Students should switch off any electrical appliances (iron, rice cooker, lamp etc.) after using them.

6.3 - The Hostel Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the students’ property, money or other belongings students/visitors and other personal injuries suffered by the students / visitors howsoever caused.

6.4 - For any sickness suffered by students, please inform the hostel warden as soon as possible to get medical attention. It is however the student’s responsibility to pay for the medical bill.

6.5 - Any student who finds his/her roommate missing more than 24 hours, is required to immediately inform the warden for the Hostel Management to take prompt action. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

6.6 - All students must comply to fill in the log book whenever they are leaving the hostel. If he/she is not found to be at the hostel and did not fill in the log book or did not inform the Warden, a warning letter will be given to the concerned student.

6.7 - Student who is found to breach the hostel rules and regulations will be given first warning letter (first offense) and last warning letter will be issued for the second offense (not necessarily repeated offense). Continuous offense for the third time will result in eviction from hostel. However, student who is found to breach rules clause 1.2 to 1.5 will be issued warning letter or eviction letter depending upon the seriousness of the offense committed.

6.8 - Due to safety purpose, student/guardian/parents must inform the warden if student have any medical conditions such as food allergies or medications. The warden needs to be well aware of the student's health conditions to assist / provide medical attention in the event of illness.

Room Types & Charges for ATIC Male Hostel

Various types of room selection to suit your need

  • Two (2) person sharing room (RM 200 p/person)
  • Four (4) person sharing room (RM 150 p/person)
  • Six (6) person sharing room with air-conditioning (RM 200 p/person)
Add On (Optional)* Mattress and bedsheet at RM180 p/person. (Students are allowed to bring their own)

Room Types & Charges for ATIC Female Hostel

Various types of room selection to suit your need

  • Four (4) person sharing room (RM 280 p/person)
  • Six (6) person sharing room (RM 250 p/person)
  • Eight (8) person sharing room (RM 200 p/person)
Add On (Optional)* Mattress and bedsheet at RM180 p/person. (Students are allowed to bring their own)