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Games of Couples

Game of Couple

Date : 2nd March 2021 (Tue) Time : 8am - 10am Venue : Google Meet

Rules & Regulations

1. There will be 3 pairs of couple and one pair of fake couple.

2. The audience will have 5 chances to ask the couple any question and find out which pair is the fake couple.

3. At the end of the game, participant who gets the correct answer will receive an amount of RM5 from us.

4. If you used out all your chances to ask question and you didn't get the correct answer, you will not receive any prize from us.

RM3 will be collected as registration fee.

For more information, please do contact the number as stated below: • Gregory (+60 14-858 0705) • Amenda (+60 12-696 3870) • Kelly (+60 16-844 3814)

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