Filling Out a Form

Application Procedure

For Local Student / Malaysian

Download application form

You may request to download the Application Form HERE in PDF format.

Document requirements

  1. Three (3) copies of recent passport size photos ;​
  2. Certified a copy of national registration identity card (NRIC) / MYKAD ;
  3. Certified a copies of examination results such as SPM or STPM / transcripts / certificates / diplomas (whichever applicable) ;
  4. Copies of working testimonials (if any) ;
  5. *Original medical report is required for students enrolling for Culinary and Hospitality programmes only.

Important note

* Please indicate 'REGISTRATION' at the top left of the envelope. * Applications will only be processed after all supporting documents are received.

Submit your documents to us

After completing your application form with your supporting documents, you may either:-

  1. Email your application to -OR-
  2. Fax to us at +(60)88 254 731 or +(60)88 256 215 -OR-
  3. Send to us by hand at our office located -OR-
  4. Courier to us.

For Intenational Student / Non-Malaysian

Download application form

You may request to download the Application Form in PDF format.

Document requirements

  1. Applicants may fax or e-mail his/her academic qualifications to the College for preliminary application. Upon receiving these documents, the College will revert a confirmation receipt within 24-hours ;
  2. Qualifications must include either IELTS, TOEFL or 1119 certificate. If the applicant does not have either certificate, the applicant is required to sit for the Malaysian English University Test (MUET) ;
  3. If the preliminary application is accepted, the applicant is required to submit the formal application to ATI College with 3 (three) inclusion of the following: -
  • 8 (Eight) copies of recent passport-size with color photographs.
  • Copies of the secondary school results (i.e. certificates / paper qualifications / academic transcript). In addition to the actual transcript, please provide the translation in English if it is in other languages.
  • 3 sets of photocopied passport (Identification page). Please ensure at least a one-year validity of your passport (if applicable)

Important note

  • Upon receipt of these documents, ATI College will immediately issue an Offer Letter to the applicant and send it by fax or courier service. The applicant is thereafter, recognized as our student ;
  • ATI College will be responsible to submit the relevant documents to the Malaysian Immigration Department for the Student Visa application. This application will normally take about 4-6 weeks to process (may take longer depending on gazetted public holidays). The College will keep student posted on the visa application ;
  • Once the Student Visa is approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department, ATI College will fax a copy as well as a courier the original Student Visa Approval Letter to assist with entry visa into Sabah-Malaysia. The student will also be given a confirmed Hostel Reservation Form ;
  • The student shall then proceed to the nearest Malaysian Embassy to obtain a Single Entry Visa (applicable for certain nationalities only) and shall arrange for his/her air ticket to Malaysia ;
  • The student is to provide information on their arrival into Sabah-Malaysia to the College. If an airport pick up is required, please inform the College at least five (5) working days before the date of arrival by email or telephone ;
  • ​The student is required to hand in their passport to the College on the 1st day of intake to assist in endorsing a Student Visa / Pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department. The endorsement will take approximately 4-6 weeks (may take longer depending on the gazetted public holidays) International Student ;
  • * Applications will only be processed after all supporting documents are received.

Submit your documents

Please courier all the above-mentioned documents to ATI College at least Eight (8) weeks before the commencement of the programme.

Accommodation / Hostel

For any student who wishes to stay at our hostel, he/she needs to submit their Hostel Reservation Form to the College, and a deposit sum of RM300.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Three Hundred) to the College as soon as possible ; Fill in the Hostel Reservation Form if on-campus accommodation is needed.

Course fees

International Student Charge of the first year of the course fee (in bank draft or international money order, etc) payable to "Asian Tourism International College Sdn. Bhd". This charge is a one-time payment only.

Tuition fees

Payment of tuition fees will be notified by ATI College to the applicant before the commencement of each semester.

Application Procedures



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