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ATI College is committed in producing highly qualified, skilled and competent graduates. Over the years since its establishment in 1996, ATI College has witnessed many successful graduates who are now pursuing their careers that were once just dreams.​

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I rarely read books, but there is one who captures my thoughts. The seven ages of a man, written by William Shakespeare. That's how and where I got the courage to step down in my safe zone, leave my own country, choose to cross the ocean and fly beyond the clouds to continue my journey and finish my last staircase of education "college". As i arrive here i have nothing but hopes and dreams like a bird wanted to fly but doesn't know how. Asian Tourism International College offered to become my ladder and wings upon reaching my goals. In ATI I have met a lot of wonderful people, kind, passionate and very friendly lecturers who patiently teach their students. A very humble Malaysian classmate and friends who openly embraced me despite our differences in culture and language barrier, help me and teach me to correct my Bahasa Melayu. As I end telling my story and journey in ATI. My sincere and highest gratitude to Asian Tourism International College to the lecturers, staff and my classmates. Thank you so much for everything.

Goldenmary Cariras Garban

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Goldenmary ATI.jpeg